Maximize Your Benefits

We want to remind you that if you have benefits remaining through your insurance provider for 2017, they may go to waste if not used by the end of the year. 2018 is just around the corner, and we want to make sure you use all of your benefits before you lose them! Additionally, if… Read More

Your Options for Gapped Teeth

Does that gap between your two front teeth make it hard for you to smile? It is hard to look at your mouth in the mirror? Do you ever wonder what you can do to get the gap closed? Fortunately, you have a few options available. But did you know that perfecting your smile will… Read More

The Three Foods to Avoid if You Want a Healthy Smile

If you want a healthy smile, then it’s best to maintain a top-notch diet and avoid eating the following products: -Empty-calorie foods: It’s best to avoid eating empty-calorie foods, like candy (especially hard or sticky candy), sweets (like cookies, cakes, and muffins), and snack foods (like chips). These products have no nutritional value and they… Read More

Baby Teeth Facts

Dr. and our dental team understand that baby teeth can be a bit confusing at times, especially when it seems as though they just grow into place and then fall out. However, baby teeth are extremely important and necessary. To help you understand baby teeth a little bit more, our team would like to share… Read More

Canker Sores: The Tips to Relieving Aches and Pains

Dr. and our team know how inconvenient, troublesome, and annoying canker sores in , , can be. So, if you are currently suffering from a canker sore, we are happy to give you the tips you need to relieve your aches and pains. We recommend doing the following things: -Avoid eating foods that can irritate… Read More

Oral Hygiene and Smile Care Tips for Kids

Oral hygiene and smile care are extremely important if you want your child to grow into the strong, healthy, and beautiful smile they deserve. However, some parents don’t understand how to help their child properly care for their teeth and gums. If you could be considered as one of these parents, our team has some… Read More

How Toothpaste Has Developed Over Time

Brushing and flossing the teeth is imperative to oral health. Did you know that people have been cleaning their teeth and caring for their smiles since as early as 5000 BC? Let’s take a little journey through the history of toothpaste. The Egyptians started using a paste to clean their teeth around 5000 BC. Other… Read More

Toothbrush: A History

The modern toothbrush has been specifically designed to enable us to effectively care for our smiles. However, the toothbrush as we know it today was not invented until 1938. Let’s take a look at how the toothbrush evolved over time. Teeth-cleaning tools appeared as early as 3500-3000 BC. In Babylon and Egypt, people used twigs… Read More

How to Care for Your Dental Crown

If you are missing one or more permanent teeth, Dr. may recommend a dental bridge in , . A dental bridge is a restoration that is designed to close the gap in your smile. Your dental bridge can restore your bite and your ability to eat and speak properly. A bridge consists of two or… Read More