4 Ways to Encourage Your Kid to Floss

If you need ideas on how to encourage your child to floss, we are thrilled to help you! These four ideas might give you exactly what you need as well as give your child the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve:

Show them the way
Make flossing a family activity and show your child how to floss. First, wrap the floss around your fingers and floss your own smile. Then, use another piece of floss and gently floss your child’s smile. Once you explain the process, have your child try on their own. Please remember to mention that they need to be very careful around their gums.

Praise good behavior
If your child flosses, make sure you praise them! If they feel accomplished for flossing, they will most likely floss more. You can also come up with a system that will encourage them. You can create a star chart or reward them with treats if they floss every day for a week.

Buy kid-friendly flossing products
If your child’s flossing product has their favorite cartoon character or superhero on it, they will most likely enjoy flossing. So, take your child to the store with you and have them pick out a flossing tool of their choice.

Tell them about the Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Fairy is a very motivational character. If you tell your child that the Tooth Fairy gives bigger rewards to kids who give her healthier teeth, it might inspire them to keep up on oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene is extremely important, so if these ideas don’t work and you need more, please call 541.497.7970 today and talk to our Smiles Dental team. We are more than happy to help you if you just ask for assistance! We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dr. Quinn Martin if you have any questions or concerns.