A Life-Changing Way to Restore Your Smile

The wonderful technology of implant dentistry has changed many lives. Dental implants are a remarkable option for restoring your smile because they are designed to function, look and feel like your natural teeth! And much like natural teeth, if dental implants are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.

So, how does a dental implant work? A dental implant is a cylindrical or tapered post, typically made of titanium, which substitutes as the root of the tooth. An abutment is built onto the dental implant, and it connects the implant to the replacement tooth. Finally, the replacement tooth or crown is custom-made to match the appearance of your natural teeth.

Here at Smiles Dental, Dr. Parry and his team want you to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle, even if you’ve had to part with your natural teeth. Dental implants offer many of our patients the confidence and ability to eat their favorite foods once again.

Dental implants are a possible solution for those who have lost their teeth due to periodontal disease or traumatic injury. Implants serve as sturdy anchors for replacement teeth because they are inserted into the natural bone, which actually grows around the post, permanently holding it in place. So, with dental implants, your smile is restored with replacement teeth that truly look real, and you can also enjoy all your favorite foods once again!

If you need to decide on the best way to restore your smile, dental implants are a strong and stable solution. They look like natural teeth, and they function like natural teeth. Implants give you a long-term solution to restoring your valuable smile, while also helping to protect and maintain healthy bone, enabling you to retain the natural shape of your face.

So, if you’d like to learn more about the wonders of dental implants, contact Smiles Dental at 541.497.7970. We’re looking forward to your call.