It’s Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month!

Did you know that nearly 51 million hours of school are missed by American students due to oral health problems each year? Or that over 19% of children are living with untreated dental cavities? It is vital to educate our children about how important our teeth are and how they can maintain their own oral health now and in the future.

One of the techniques to do this is teaching children the proper way to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Parents can be great role models by brushing their own teeth with their children. Allowing kids to brush their own teeth is a great way for them to learn, as long as a parent is there to help.

Other cavity prevention practices include: regular oral health exams, providing healthy snack options, and using fluoride to protect your child’s young enamel.

Providing healthy snacks for your child also helps to prevent the development of cavities. Stu-dies have shown that children who consume high levels of sugar are more prone to dental problems like decay and gum disease.

Regular dental health exams, healthy snacks, fluoride treatments, and a consistent brushing routine are all ways that you can help your kids maintain their dental health. Talk to our dentist about your child’s dental health or to schedule an appointment.