Credit Card Fee Waived At Smiles Dental

Recently, a settlement was made between retailers and credit card companies after an antitrust lawsuit was filed against the credit card companies. This settlement now allows retailers to charge consumers who use big name credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) a service fee with their purchases.

Previously, Visa and MasterCard prevented retailers from passing these service fee charges onto consumers who used their credit cards. Whenever a consumer would pay for a purchase, the retailer would have to pay a 1 to 3% service fee of the total amount. Now, retailers can recover that cost by adding a service fee to a consumers purchase.

Here at Smiles Dental, we understand how challenging finances are for our patients. We don’t believe there should be a price on adequate dental care, and for that reason we have decided against charging our patients any additional fees for using a major credit card.

We want to ensure our commitment to you, our patients, to consistently provide you with affordable dental care that will help you maintain a strong, healthy mouth in the future. As a Smiles Dental patient, you become our number one priority, and you shouldn’t have to worry about paying more than what is necessary.